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I'm soon to turn 18. And it's one thing that is very concerning to be. My family members have said in recent times. When they logged in to their online bank accounts, they had to answer a LOT questions. And this is not some simple security questions no no. They go VERY deep. Example. "where are you getting your money form?" And "do you know somebody that has done this or that" And it is every bank now. Even if you drive to the bank to pay your bills. You still have to answer those questions i have heard. So what should i do.

I'm NOT in anyway going to answer those stupid questions. So if i can't pay my bills cuz
of that.

I think i will be considering suicide.

And no i'm not in the USA.

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And i can't put some junk answers. Cuz there is a list you have to chose form. And if you put in fake ones. They will contact you

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The answers to the questions, they already know. They datamine you, and then ask questions they know the answers to. Just answer truthfully, and you'll be fine. You aren't giving them any info they don't already have, or that they couldn't confirm without your input. Thus is the price of selling your soul to a banker...

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