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Hello everyone, i have controlled released Oxycodone HCL made by SANDOZ and i need to extract active ingredient so it will work as immediate release formulation.

I found what ingredients they use on their website:

maize starch
behenoyl polyoxylglycerides
medium chain triglycerides
castor oil - hydrogenated
colloidal anhydrous silica
magnesium stearate

what i tried to do so far is to get the main active ingredient out (Oxycodone CHL)

I heated up alkaline 8+ water in a pot till it is about body temp 37-38 Celsius

waited around for a bit and my pill splits in half and i get this "core" looking peace (which i think was Oxycodone HCL)

I then tried to dissolve it in water and it wouldn't, also
I tried to dissolve it in 37% ethanol and it Wont dissolve.

At the end i ended up just taking it orally but it would not do a trick it still acts like slow acting medication....

How do i make it to instant release?

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2 Answers

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should be able to just cut in half with scalpel or razor blade then scrape out the good stuff. works with ms contin/er morphine pills

can you give numbers/letters on both sides for more identification

there are new types of controlled release opioids such as xtampza and zohydro, with the little round microspheres that resist the effects of crushing and chewing; melted or dissolved contents of capsules will turn to gel which you won't want in your veins.

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Pretty damn sure that the SANDOZ brand is still just like the OLD OC's in that you can just suck off the outer coating which has absolutely nothing to do with the time release mechanism btw as it easily wipes right off, always shocked me that people thought thats what did it when it so easily comes right off... Im getting off topic and just crush them.

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