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How much oxy in a single dose is enough to depart? . I have read 80mg in a single dose CAN be lethal but people end up living through doses past 100mg.
I have zero tolerance to opioids, as I've never taken them and I'm worried I might throw it up
Would I need an anti-emetic or would snorting it work better?

I have tried EVERYTHING, so please do not try to talk me out of it - be a good samaritan elsewhere.


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fentanyl, carfentanil should do the trick. you can get it on the streets. most likely will have to use a needle.

I have had a lot of friends commit suicide by jumping under trains.
People say you don{t feel the pain because you black out.5Don't know if its true, haven't tried xD)

Getting a gun in europe isn't that hard. And what does cost matter. Youre gonna die anyway.

But I would tell you to think about it and do your research.
So you don't do something that can get you sick instead of killed.

If you want a peaceful death add Xanax, (Respiratory Depression) but I don't feel right aiding in suicide, Please find help with god. You have no idea what happens in your afterlife when committing suicide, it could be nothing or become a ghost. But if you find the lord and pray you have a chance to be guided to a better life always think about the future the present doesn't last forever.

Hey mate, just checking on how you doing? hope you're fine.

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i suppose it's possible.... just not very plausible-

low tolerance or not, a single 80mg pill is far more likely to be seen as a cry for help at most..... you should try a gun, behind the ear... leaping from a precipice.... or maybe just stop talking stupid shit-

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I don't care how it's seen if it's effective. I live in Europe so guns are not easy to get and more expensive than pharma.

Hey are u still alive m8?

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No, a tab of Oxy's will not kill you. Not likely anyhow. Unless you're already frail in some way or another. Like, an underlying health condition or old age or some such.

No, you're more likely to ruin your liver with them. Maybe your kidneys in the process. You will survive and you wouldn't like what you made your life into by OD-ing on Oxy's any more than what you have now.

If you are absolutely certain you want to end your life... why not simply try gravity?

Really, find a high point... a bridge over a large gap. Doesn't have to be too high. Few dozens meters would do the trick. The more, the better obviously. And it is far less survivable than OD-ing on medication is. Far less survivable.

I would try to talk you out of it but you don't want that. So, I'm not going to try.

I am however going to suggest you do some research into what is and what is not fatal. Pick something you know will kill you. Not something where there might be a chance of your survival. Because if you survive, you will obviously have to suffer the consequences of your actions.

And you probably wouldn't want that.

Good luck and peace be with you if you should succeed. May your next life be more in line with what your soul is after.

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Thanks, I'll do more research.

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Jump from a tall building, stab yourself in the jugular, drink a bunch of that stuff people pour into toilets to clean them, rope + soap, electrocution, tie your legs together and fall from a bridge, wait for a heatwave and sit outside, skip vaccination and hang out in crowded places in a few months when the flu season starts, go to Indonesia and eat unwashed fruit for a while so you'll die from diarrhea, buy a fifth-hand car made in like 1982 and smash it into a concrete wall, break a bottle and swallow the shards, go to Norway in December and walk into a forest in your underpants.

Hope this helps, you and all the other self-absorbed idiots who come here like, "I know you want me alive but you'll have to beg me real hard or it's not happening." Dude, we don't. You want to kill yourself, go right ahead. Five minutes later, no one will remember you ever existed at all.

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Yet, you've spent your time writing up an answer to a question YOU THINK I'm asking, calling me a self-important idiot. Well done. Thanks for nothing.

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Hello, before choosing the option continue to do some research. I have heard/read a lot of situations where the person didn't die but they ended up without a liver or mental death, etc.
All the people I have met that succeed they have done by hanging: you can't miss it with this.
How about heroin overdose? You can get it easily in Europe..
But If were you do it more like a hero.. Go to help some people in Africa or country like and make sure you die there. At least your family will remembered you in a cool way...

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Hello i am doing same research on oxycodone!!!!
I have both fast and slow acting ones

  • i think to OD you would need 2 g of fast acting oxy and 1-3 g of long acting plus valium 1-1.2g with grapefruit juice and good antimetic .

1.what i planing to to do; is take an antimetic first ( Ondastetrone( how much?)) with 150ml of grapefruit juice.

  1. wait around 30 min

3.Take 1.5 g of diazepam (grinded in 3xxx capsules)- to swallow help yourself with greipfruit juice or/and yougurt( but not much)( but overall do not exceed 400 ml of grapefruit juice in total)

  1. take 1-3 g of long acting oxycodone in 3XXX capsules

  2. take 2 g of short acting oxy in 3XXX capsules

6.Drink 200 ml of 50+ % spirit combine it with short acting benzos to calm yourself down and you will be out in minutes. Make sure to lye somewhere comfy.

PS I would recommend to practice of eating 3xxx capsules you can use little bit of yogurt to slit the pill down ur throat

and thats would end it.

please rate my method. i would be appreciated

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already mentioned but fentanyl, but coming from someone thats been close to death from trying to off myself that way. Dont.

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You will just make your self sick and likely give yourself a panic attack if you have no opioid tolerance. Also pills unfortunately are a really terrible way to die with a very low success rate. Trust me I've been down that road... As far as the person who commented adding Xanax to the mix, it likely won't do the trick and it will be far from peaceful. I speak from experience... It is a terrible feeling making yourself so sick especially when highly sedated. I have wanted to end my life for a very long time and have tried almost everything twice...

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take the 80-100mg with a whole bottle of your liquor of choice
departing to the land of the dead is certain if you combine the opioids with alcohol

answered by Apprentice (3,430 points)