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It happened recently to a person that I have never seen but some people I hang out with knew him but not closely. After doing all the hypothesis of possible reasons, there's really no apparent reason why this person did it, none. Family,job,no debts, no drugs.

I also heard about a girl many years ago that ended with suicide. From a wealthy family and with a good university diploma, she did her gap year of traveling and stuff and then she killed herself.

It feels like the personal perception of the life could be completely different from what it looks like from the outside. What do you think? Is it always some sort of depression that the person efficiently hides?

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Yeah, my aunt last. Still don't know the reason why? Followed by her daughter a week later.......Reason. Just a selfish bitch who has always wanted to be the center of attention that was willing to pass on to her daughter what her mother passed on to her? I'm just glad it was me that found her and not her beautiful daughter. Who by the way lost her father to a drugged fuck prick who shot him in the head while hanging Christmas decorations with his young son........No reason no rhyme only the pain they leave behind .. Their way of saying, Thanks.

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there are a shit-ton of suicides that occur every year with no "known reason"... which of course, does not necessarily mean there's no reason at all.... some people just don't want to let others know why they did what they did, some others can only focus on their own pain/anguish, and don't even consider letting other people in on the 'why' of it...

not to mention that some suicides are committed on impulse, with no real planning or forethought, just an urge... i've seen several accidents that were written off to suicide, and more than a few murders are just written up as suicides too, for many reasons... could be a lack of apparent/known reason, could be a lazy, uninterested medical examiner/cop/ambulance crew, etc....

everyone who kills themselves intentionally has their reasons for doing so... but not all people who commit suicide want everyone else to know what those reasons are-

if the family and closest friends of a suicide cannot come up with any reasons, none at all, then the situation should be re-evaluated as either accidental or 'undetermined' at least until some manner of reasoning short of 'mental illness' can be applied... but that doesn't always happen-

some people just have tortured souls bro..... but, if after a 'thorough' investigation, once it's determined for certain that the person did actually kill themselves, and there still seems to be no known reason for it... we just have to accept that they had their own reasons for taking their own life, and leave it at that...

it was their own choice, for their own reasons, and we/you/they might never learn the reason why-

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I haven't personally experienced anyone near me committing suicide for no apparent reason but, yeah, I know of people ending their own life without anyone really ever understanding it.

The thing of it is, having been suicidal myself more than once in life and in fact being mildly suicidal as we speak, it is a very complicated topic.

So many factors can contribute to people feeling like suicide is the only out:

  • Economical challenges (extreme debt, extended unemployment, etc.).
  • Health issues (consider, for example, a diagnosis of a terminal illness).
  • Romantic troubles (unrequited love, infidelity, etc).
  • Broken heart for non-romantic reasons (death of a loved one, for example).
  • And more...

Really, to ever fully understand it, you would have to know the person really very well or they would have to have left a note that offers the explanation.

In fact, speaking for myself for a moment... I woulldn't say I am actually all that depressed. It's just that my life isn't going anywhere and it hasn't for quite some time now. I'm completely stuck with no way out. Not going to be able to rely on anyone aiding me financially and helping myself financially isn't going anywhere either. I am in the extended period of unemployment group of my previously listed examples.

Yeah yeah, I know... hunt for jobs harder. It's not that simple, folks. I'll see your 'hunt harder' and raise you literally thousands of attempts. Come at me again sometime. Really. It's not that simple.

Which really is what it amounts to in case of suicide. It never is as simple as you might imagine it being.

And no, not actually going to end my life. Never did and I was suicidal as early as 8 years of age. Do not ask, it's very complicated. Still around over 30 years later, so, I'll muddle through somehow this time around as well.

TL;DR -- Speaking from experience -- No, it's not always an obvious depression. It's... complicated and requires a complete picture to fully understand, if at all possible.

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Just walk away, go to the wilderness and build a life. Better option than suicide.

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I'm probably the type of person you're describing from an outsiders perception. I have some sort of hereditary brain deficiency, and everything is just really sad to me. Namely my life. But from another's perception, I'm just a normal person. I never allow myself to cry or look down in public. I am very smart and have an amazing job. I probably shouldn't be feeling this way.

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some people have break down that don't appear to others.
Also the drugs can lead to suicide

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A really stupid 16 year old Indian girl killed herself because she thought the Large Hadron Collider's experiments would end the world. I know it's not nice to insult someone dead, but she was a true idiot.
The LHC's experiments can't end the world. It's impossible.
First, if a black hole was created, it would go through the Earth without touching a single proton, as 95% of atoms is empty space.
Secondly, the amount of radiation it could produce is minuscule, way higher numbers of cosmic radiation hit the Earth constantly.
That girl had absolutely no reason to kill herself, she was just stupid.

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it's no more idiotic that a couple dozen folks dressing up in the same clothes, all wearing brand-new nike shoes, and drinking poison because they believed a spaceship hiding within an upcoming comet, was going to pick them up and take them to heaven....... "Heavens-Gate"

if someone/anyone is seriously contemplating suicide... something within them somewhere, is askew.... it's easy to sit back after the fact and call someone an idiot because they did something that you can't envision, for reasons that you can't understand...

it's sad, sure.... but i'll save my insults for the living, those who are capable of defending themselves from ridicule-

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Well maybe because they didn't felt some emotional bond towards others.

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My good friend killed himself at the age of 17. We were classmates.

Some clues to the why:
1) He definitely used LSD 6 months prior to the suicide
2) He told me once about this one girl that he liked but kind of regretted that things didn't turned out the way he wanted (friendzone), how special she was; it was a very casual conversation

Now, for context, the guy was on the bright side; definitely in top10 of our 30-person class, in a decent school. A shy introvert. Pretty unremarkable and normal otherwise.

Something changed after that LSD though. His personality changed - the introverted kid became a cheerful soul of the company, engaging people around him with his jokes and generally anything. His grades scyrocketed too - I was the best student of my class, with average of 9.2/10 grade. That changed the following semester, when I got to know that he completed it with astonishing 9.7/10!

Again, I pointed the clues.. but they're not satisfying. Nothing seems to add up, right? A perfect example how puzzling and complicated a suicide can be..
It happened 4 years ago, and I'm still reflecting on that incident.. The guy (particularly that extroverted version of himself) was a huge influence and inspiration for me. He defined my music taste and, in a lot of little ways, directed where my life is going.

I settled on a theory that he was, deep down, a very lonely person who was yearning for deep/meaningful personal connections - something that, despite his efforts (extraversion), he couldn't get

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