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I think it doesn't matter how much self control you have or who you are, there's still something that'll make you do it. It can be your personal problem or society's problem etc

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There are many things, but the main thing would probably be... loss of freedom, or Time.

I don't really know how to put it into words. Loss of freedom is easy- kidnapping, enslavement, etc.- but Time is difficult to explain.

It passes too slow to be bearable. i'm aware of each second, each minute, and I can feel every single inch of skin on my body. Every itch. Every little rub against something. Everything. It's extremely overwhelming, but I feel like the apathy cancels alot of it out. If I was ever in the situation if I had nothing to do whatsoever, no mental stimulation, so items to fidget with, i'd fucking have it and kill myself. i'm already close.

Existing in a state of mind where I hate everything about myself while simultaneously knowing I could never be fixed. That's where I'm at now, so I'm going to kill myself.

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I would definately kill myself, if my expected death would be painful.

I'm not afraid of death, I love racing my motorcycle and do extreme sports.
I'm just afraid of a painful death, like brain tumor, with which you will slowly die under much pain and seizures.

But killing yourself because of social reasons is stupid I think. I know the feeling of ex-friends that betrayed you and family members hating you.
But you can always start a new life. Cancel the connections to everyone, who make you feel negative and do your thing.
Life is too special to just end it because of some shitty humans.

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= I would kill myself if I was kidnapped and subjected to sexual assault frequently.
= If I was going to jail for life.
= If I commit manslaughter of a child being the direct and only causal link.
= If I was in a situation like a Jew in the holocaust or Cambodian under Pol pot regime.
To name a few, I mean I've read about survival stories in all these situations but I don't think life is worth living when you are that traumatised or miserable.

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The death of my wife.

And I know that some may find that weak of me or whatever but trust me when I say it is not. In fact, it is quite the opposite. First and foremost because we as mortals typically do not know what lies beyond, although I personally do have seen hints of it, glimpsed enough of it for my mind to still make sense of (the human brain, even though a wondrous marvel of evolution still is severely limited in what it can and cannot comprehend).

Additionally, anyone that would judge me for it simply does not know the bond I have with my wife. We are, to each other, the only thing that makes life worthwhile. Both having had a very complicated past and still facing numerous challenges in the present.

It is as simple as that... if she were to leave this mortal coil, I would literally have nothing left to live for. No career to speak of, no children, no one that depends on me being here. So, I would simply prefer to follow her. She needs me as much as I need her. Both in the mortal realm as well as in whatever lies beyond.

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