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A two parter when it comes to pain:

  1. Either physical or emotional, do you think that there is an Infinite or finite amount of pain any one person can suffer?

  2. Do you think think that there is an Infinite or finite amount of pain in the world that is distributed across humanity (Like how energy can't be destroyed, it just moves on or changes form)

I'm asking because over the past few years, the amount of emotional pain many people I've known has become so great that they've killed themselves. Last Friday, three people I knew committed suicide and Mental Health forums on the Clearnet are packed full of people saying they can't go on and asking if god would forgive them for ending their own life etc.

I don't know if it's technology or something else, but it seems like there is far more pain in the world than ever before.

Curious for your opinions.

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Thank you, very rare of people to select best answer anymore.

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depends, pain is a concept the brain uses to say "stop whatever the fuck you're doing." or "find a solution." emotional pain also is linked to the release of chemicals and hormones which lead to physical harm. So technically all pain is physical and your pain receptors will "burn out" once they hit a limit. so pain is finite.

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