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Wondering if anyone had a link to some sort of website where people could make suicide pacts with one another (I don't even know if such a website exists, but I couldn't find anything on my own).

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Before making a irreversible mistake, try to use ketamine. It cure 80% of depression (if you are suicidal, I guess you are deeply depressed.
I overcome all my suicidal tough with it
Good luck

Hey men i am in the same situation, my life is going bad and i don't know what to do, i've tried many drugs but never ketamine (even if i really wanted to try it i have some issues to get it) so before i do any mistake, is ketamine really going to help me or i just a waste of time (and money) ?

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Have you heard about Blue whale challenge? I’m sure you can find some suicidal idiot Russians there. Can’t be bothered looking for the link but I’m positive you can find it yourself.

And not to mess with your busses but don’t KYS, get a new identity and move to Theckoslovakia or some shit. At least have some adventure before going away


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Yes, I am sure they exist. Please do not kill yourself. It is not worth it. You matter to someone. I promise that it will get better even if it is hard.

Don't kill yourself, restart your life by moving to another country, having new friends, deleting all social media account (or disable them), getting a job, etc...
Please don't do what I tried to do, you're not hurting yourself, you're hurting others without knowing it.