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Hey guys, I need some help, I've tried making accounts in TorBox,secEmail, and even makl2tor, but I can't seem to pass the verification(captcha), is there something I should know about making an email account ? I'm using Tor Browser on Android, with Orbot. I have 2 add-ons, HTTPSeverywhere and NoScript, and Tor Browser is on Safest security setting.
-Not a robot

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Nice try robot :D

Probably because JS is disabled. Turn it on, solve the captcha, turn it back off. It's possible but highly unlikely that it will cause you trouble.

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Hello anon,

There can be several things that contribute to this, but one of the reasons could be the case.

Sometimes the case needs to be as in picture and sometimes(more often) in lower case. If the programmer has forgotten to add captchatext.lower() in there.

So I would try to do everything in lower case, as it usually is it.


answered by Vanguard (32,755 points)  
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I know for a fact secMail works fine and works fine even with TOR set to its highest security settings, with JS completely disabled in about:config.

secMail is completely scriptless. If you are still experiencing issues with the captcha there, well... what exactly is the issue you're facing? Do you simply not see the captcha? Or are you having trouble interpreting it?

answered by Apprentice (2,750 points)  
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Yeah, I know what you're going through, the daily struggles of being a robot :(
But if you're not, try enabling cookies, that should work, I had a similar experience while making anemail, when I joined.
-verification bypassing robot

answered by N00b 2.0 (250 points)  
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I dont have any problem. I can create multiple accounts with no problem with every script disabled. Torbox and secmail both have easiest solving captchas.

answered by Apprentice (2,445 points)