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Are they still called remailers? Have they all been seized? I tried searching for them but only got regular tormail services. Can anyone point me to a tor remailer? Preferably one without needing to signup. It would be useful when you have to send or link datadrops via email without time analysis being used to uncover the sender.

Also what is mixminion, cypherpunk, or mixmaster? Sorry for all these questions, maybe there is a simple onion link or wiki for these question?

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Mixminion, Cypherpunk, and Mixmaster are types of Remailers.

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Thanks anon,

Thus far Mixminion (Type III) offers the best message obfuscation and offering padding and delayed routing to messages. I see a couple more even on the clearnet but they are usually pseudonymous remailers or called nym servers. It is quite difficult to find good remailers, especially type III Mixminion remailer because of the extra bandwidth required. Paranoici offers some mailing services with a list of type I and II remailers but plenty of their instructions aren't in English or don't offer any good HTML pages that show you how to use them. There is software you can install to use them but isn't needed. It makes no sense to install insecure third party software when most OSes come prepackaged with mailing software to connect through Tor and with which you can simply chain your instruction in the message bodies to the remailers. You would still need to have a remailer list to even use it. Many of them you can simply mail the instructions but it isn't too clear depending on how they are configured. If you search for more nym or remailers or other related keywords on clearnet or even tor indexes you don't many varying or differing results. You only get a few like Paranoici or unrelated results. There must be a better solution to this. So far I haven't seen any type III's or any good instructions.

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