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Hey, I'm 17 years old and I'm going to drop out of school because i skip school too many times. I am highly intelligent (confirmed by a psychologist) and write the best grades but fucked up so hard. I have like 4 months before I kms if my life doesnt changes. I don't want to do slave labour. I thought about learning hacking in these 4 months to get informations to leak just for fun and then kms. I fucking wasted my potential. Also I life in germany. Why is intelligence such a curse? I can't relate to anyone. Maybe someone here knows how I could turn my life around. Thank you for your responses.

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Lol. Kid, you are (pretending to be) considering killing yourself over truancy. Trust me, excessive intelligence is not one of your problems.

I'm damn sure I'm more intelligent than this kid.

Maybe, who knows.

this is how its works the more intelligent the diffrent you are the more diffrent you are the more alone you will stay , that your problem being alone can delete you completly from humanity you be separted from others because they just seem stupid and they can understand most of them social media losers or football players this world is just a trash , find a goal that make u stay alive and fight losers all the time for me i used to like trolling alot on video game i always win so made me feel verry powerfull i wasnt intelligent as you started but i got that power as i reach 20 iv realised that i dont bellown to this world but i started to understand that i can but now im focusing on being the internet god so i wast alot of time behind the computer all i do is learning

I have come up with an amazing solution to your problem. Stop skipping class. If you're so smart, how haven't you come up with that solution yet? Jesus.

Hi im not sure how you can unfuck your life honestly my situation is rather similar if you're serious about the whole killing yourself thing get over it its not that hard , make a plan to kill yourself then choose follow it or not if you do good luck with that if you dont follow it look for things to enjoy idk watch a movie play a game or my favorite steal or if you think that is 'morally wrong' just plan to challenge youtself have fun with it


So; you might be very intelligent the next einstein or whatever, I haven't met you so it's hard to tell. But you seem so desperate for attention, claiming that you're intelligent as fuck and blaming all your problems on your high intelligence. So are you desperate for attention or intelligent as fuck? If it's the latter get the fuck off this site and start fixing your life.

@ glaistig
Why would anybody trust you with your condescending attitude. You insult a person with a question.

One day you will learn that intelligence has nothing to do with skipping school. It is silly comments like yours that drive good people away from society.

I'm not insulting, I'm stating a fact. Contempt is the adequate reaction to narcissism. The fact that it's framed as a question doesn't change anything.

Also, "trust me" is just a turn of phrase. I don't care if s/he trusts me.

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Intelligence is not a curse. Your intelligence has nothing to do with you f-ing up your life. In fact, had you truly been intelligent, you would have realized that.

You're a lazy motherf-er. That is what f-ed up your life. Laziness does not require intelligence.

And, you're a mere 17 years old. You know literally nothing, kid. Literally, nothing. You are far too young to consider killing yourself when all that is going wrong with your life is self-inflicted! It is not like there is stuff going on that is outside of your own control. No, no, no. You're just a lazy little mother-fer that is too lazy to work on himself so is just going to go with yet another quick fix solution.

Let me guess... that is just basically what your life has always been like, right? Easily coasting along, never facing any challenges? And now you finally face a challenge and you immediately want to opt out?

Man up, kid. Grow the f- up, child. Now is the time! Look, it's simple... if you want to kill yourself, go right ahead, I won't miss you. But, if you truly are as intelligent as you say, USE that intelligence. We need intelligent people to wake up the rest. Because we're on the very precipice, the next 5 to 10 years will literally determine the fate of mankind.

We need intelligent people like you to wake up and to help wake up others.

So, my advice is...

1: Grow the fuck up.
2: Go back to school and finish it this time. So you do not have to settle for slave labor. Not being a slave will give you the means to actually contribute positively.
3: Become an adult because you're currently just being a whiny little bitch.
4: Profit!

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You are an internet bully. An internet super-hero. Your advice stinks.

1 Grow up - it is you who needs to grow up, even if you are 60. You still haven't learned how to read properly what a person is saying between the words.

2 Go back to school - how do you know that he isn't being gang-bashed or constantly harassed at school and teased by bullies like you with your comments all day and can't relate to proper human beings?

3 Become an adult - this is information that I hope you are telling yourself - a whiny little bitch - you are as I mentioned an internet super-hero. I believe this young person will become a better person than you due to your arrogance.

4 Profit - Profit means nothing. Rich people kill themselves just as much as poor people. You know nothing.

I recommend you analyze this for your own benefit, and re-examine your advice to what you view as help, as your help is basically a criminal offence.

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Hey my fellow HA user. I would recommend gore and creepypastas. That has helped me not to kill myself. Cuz it satisfies the morbid part of you, I'm also 17 might i add. And go back to school when you can. I skipped school a year and it fucking sucked. And i was in the same mindset as you.

So do these things.

1 watch gore and listen to creepypastas


  1. Go BACK to school when you can. That is very important!
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  1. dont bother with the kms - it'll only reoccur in the next life, fuck that for a loop.
  2. learn to code, find a problem and code a solution for it. get absorbed by your intellect and run with it.
  3. Stay in school get the grades, dont do it for any fucker else telling you too, just do it for you.
  4. i doubt any of us here feel like we belong in this life, hence why were here on the fringe.
  5. Fuck anyone else, seriously fuck um. Do what the fuck you want to live your life and make everyday a new experience so that your soul can learn from it.
  6. Dont hurt anyone intentionally - it'll keep fucking with your mind long long long into your adult life and fuck with your mind - it really aint worth it.
  7. Just Relax and listen to the birds sing and the waves crash on the beach - you aint here for no fucker else so you might as well enjoy it.
  8. oh and take some DMT when your in your 30's just to visit back home


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find an obsession or flaw in the world you find irritable or just plain idiotic, eg, ideals of total egalatarianalism then focus and attack it...
something fun to do and might be more worthwhile than risk dying of age before psudo cybernetic immortality.

also... personal notes. You claim to be diognosed pycheatrically as highly intelligent and might have had the idea renforced with your persepctive of the world and how your "peers" seem to be imcompitent or are just idiots (plausably both). The issue i find with such a archtype of "person" is the lack of security in who is able to be trusted whilst sharing like minded goals and is the bare minimum of funtional on a level you can relate to, where to start and what to do.

as mentioned at the start i recommend finding an idea or flaw to obess over, you can always kill yourself later yeah?

~too tired to be gramatically correct

~sDas Day 1 of being locked out of account

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Remember, many school dropouts have become Bill Gates level successful. A schooling does not equal an Education. LEARN SOMETHING EVERY DAY, make that your life goal, then your life ALWAYS has meaning and every day has value. get rid of the 4 month timespan, you haven't even begun to realize what your potential could be. Leave germany when you can, unless it unfucks itself. Intelligence is a curse because the world is not fair, and you can understand how badly most of us get screwed every day, and it is painful to see most of our fellow humans not even care to understand the nature of their shackles.
You can turn your life around by finding role models. learn about them, how they got to be where they are, and step by step your life is turned around. there is no magic pill, friend, you just need something to do, some activity and goals, but do not trust a school to give you a good set of goals, take a look at the world and think about how you can make it a better place, then draw your goals from your experience and reason, and set to work.
Again, an education is not the same as a schooling. many of the most successful people on earth are more self taught than they are schooled. schools make obedient workers, not free thinking entrepreneurs. you have alot to learn. eliminate the word suicide from your vocabulary and focus on your quest for knowledge. that will unfuck your life bro

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To find a way how to cope with your problem, you better should read Daniel Goleman's famous book about "Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ" (Bantam Books, 1995). Also consider any book written by Desmond Morris, about body language.

Don't adapt a judgmental stance, but stay curious and listen to and start to care about other people. Aim for being non-judgemental. Chances are, if you succeed, you'll discover you're not as smart or bright as you might currently think. Aim to becoming wise instead.

Everyday practical intelligence has many different faces and speaks different languages. To be able to understand all those many faces and voices, you'll have to admit you still have to learn something anew, something which you as a youngster has probably yet failed to grasp.

You'll also discover soon that asking the right questions can be the most dangerous thing you possibly can do. Take care. Therefore, you'll better need to learn how to control your own mindset, actions and habits, and have a sense of proper ethics and morale.

The morale is the capacity of people to maintain a realistic belief in an institution or a goal, or even in oneself and others. You've yet not even the faintest idea about what to do with your own life, it seems, probably because of lacking a practical morale, or a solid life-philosophy.

When you happen to stay away from school for too many times, especially when you happen to be bright, you better find someone else -- a real person, one made from flesh and blood -- who can teach you a few lessons of keeping up morale and how to overcome hardships.

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search, learn, ask about The Truth ...

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"kms if my life doesn't change"
YOU have to change your life. Your life doesn't just automatically change. It just sounds like your lazy and don't want to put effort into changing. Also, dropping out of school isn't a big deal and doesn't fuck up your life. It's what YOU do with YOUR life. 17 is very young, it's only the start of your life. Stop crying and go do shit.

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