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This Q&A says e-mail is not untraceable by design


But I think if I use tor it's gonna be untraceable even though I use g-mail.
So I don't understand what he wanted to say.
Could you make it easy enough for n00b to understand?

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Use Proton/Secmail.

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Any email server could be seized by law enforcement, and it would reveal a lot of information about who contacted whom, and when, and how often. This would be true even after using Tor and PGP.

If it really has to be confidential, it should not go anywhere near an email server; just ask Hillary Clinton:) As previous answers have said, Bitmessage and I2P-Bote are worth considering as they do not use centralized servers, which are a gift for LEA.

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First,thank you for your answer.

Second, if I don't care about LE know what I said in E-mail and I just wanna hide my identity,Can I use every e-mail services?