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To start, I may not be clear on what a market is exactly. I figure it's just a site that sells things? Or, now that I write that down, it may be a forum for exchanging items/services... Ah well.

Does anyone have experience with http://poisonj7bdow2nw7.onion/ ? Or is there anywhere I could find reviews for such "markets"?

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It's look like fake, for me because if somebody wants his product sell with the best anonymity as the site says "Buy poison safely and anonymously" why they printed on the bottle side the content? If it stuck at somewhere in the system and something suspicious for the gov. and if they will open, there is a giant text on the side ARSENIC, or POLONIUM or CYANIDE you know what i'm saying? it should work if the site more private and text should be some kind of code what only you know after the registration on the side and bottle's picture should uploaded with that code and every code should explain only at the site. 2. if u see 50%'s backgrounds different, if u take pictures about your product and you are professional u will use the same spot cuz the light cuz the perspective cuz the angle but it's looks like saved from the google except dark bottles.

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The fact that the website doesn't even offer escrow speaks for itself. If you don't know what that is, it's when a 3rd party holds the money until you receive your product you ordered and then releases it to the seller. This is an essential part of buying on the darkweb markets.

Here is a list of recommended markets and other sites that have been proven to be legitimate overall http://visitorfi5kl7q7i.onion/recommended/

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