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I aim to ensure my wife's death within the 18 months, ideally long after our divorce is finalized (about 6-8 months from now). This is the only way I can begin a new life with full custody of my child. We currently live together, and I expect to have (easy) access to her environment and food for another 2 months at least.

Despite a minuscule life insurance policy (under $30K) and a contentious but civil separation, I'm aware that I'd be a primary suspect if she so much as slipped on a banana peel. I feel that mercury poisoning would reduce my culpability by delaying a final/accurate diagnosis and undermine any investigation. (For example: https://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/family-shares-new-information-after-mercury-poisoning-death-1.1152525)

I'm no chemist but I am cautious and patient; I also have a separate location to mix chemicals. I've come to understand that I need soluble mercury, of which there appear to be many sufficient compounds. Below are several questions where I could use your insight and advice.


  1. What's the simplest soluble mercury compound that can pass-thru the blood brain barrier? Could it be derived from home store products, like acetone, turpentine, etc.?
  2. Despite appearing to have a straight-forward recipe, is ethyl-mercury (alcohol and mercury) the least efficacious compound, since the body flushes it quickly? (source: http://myomancy.com/ethyl_mercury_v/)
  3. What is the recipe and process for making methyl-mercury? Which and where does one get the needed bacteria? Do I just seal it with kombucha for a few days?
  4. Should I bother trying to extract ~5g of mercury from old thermostat switches and batteries, or just buy (more than I need) online?
  5. Any ideas for an anonymous mail drop?


  1. Assuming the concoction is not odorless or tasteless, how do I expose my wife without compromising myself?
  2. How could I spike her coffee grounds/maker, or take advantage of her coffee making routine?
  3. Can I somehow paint the poison on a surface - like her keyboard or car door handle - or would it evaporate? Would mixing it with an oil work or just dilute the potency?
  4. If Karen Wetterhahn died from 0.1ml of dimethyl-mercury in 6 months, is it reasonable to assume that smaller doses would take longer? Or would less than 0.1ml be considered a non-lethal (though damaging) amount?

I'm indeed grateful for your time and this forum. Answer what you wish.

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> I'm no chemist

Then the only person who's gonna get killed by the mercury is most likely you because you don't have a clue as to what you're actually doing.

ok but why

Reason: My wife and her entire family have substance abuse issues; part of the reason we're divorcing. There's no way I can prove that however, and fighting for full custody in court wouldn't work - I've spoken with lawyers. The only way I will move on is with my child, and the only way I get my kid is if she's gone.

You don't need to be a chemist in order to make something dangerous Like I mentioned, I'm patient and cautious. I'm here in hopes this forum would shed some insights on the subject of preparing and administering a soluble mercury compound.

To be sure, I'm not fixated on a long-delayed death. My primary goal is to avoid suspicion or be beyond the reach of hard evidence.

A snapshot of my wife's behavior certainly allows for other ways she could expire with little suspicion, if not simpler means. Here's a bit of her routine:

  1. Drinks home brewed tea or coffee daily.
  2. Known to poorly manage stress.
  3. Smokes weed regularly, along with cigarettes and alcohol (on occasion).
  4. Flies domestically about 5-8 times a year for work.
  5. Monthly road trips to an isolated location, through a dead cell zone.
  6. Known to manage stress poorly

This holiday season will be understandably rough on her (both of us). With our divorce progressing and court dates fast approaching, this could also be a good time to execute a nearer term plan.

With the above information, my alternative to mercury poisoning was hemlock or aconite. Procurement would be via a darknet market, or - with luck - a stroll through a nearby botanical garden or state park. I figured her tea bags would be the best vector; I'd insert tiny shavings or soak the bags in a solution (allowing them to dry, of course). The closer it looks like a heart attack, the better.

Any (other) ideas?

Imagine doing this to your child

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whoa dude, most of your ideas are casting a wide net. i think you are forgetting about the child here. if you stick with #2 or #3, you might end up effecting them or even yourself if you brain fart for a minute.

i think your tea idea is legit. if she is stressed all the time, get the relaxing tea and put it in there.

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man, this one has been grinding me on. i slept on it and thought about the tea idea some more. if your child is around, what happens if he asks for a sip from his moms tea?

how are you going to make sure it is targeted just to her? id hate to see a little one go down like that.

Jesus Christ this guy really did cast a wide net. He got caught and there’s a report on him on the LA times. First off:

I would say to never poison someone with anything relating to mercury. It’s always unnatural and unless your victim has a background in chemistry and works with chemicals, it’s going to be obvious foul play was at hand.

i think the guy might have bought it from Zarahchem-lab on Berlusconi. i was talking to this guy a few months ago and thankfully didnt go through with a deal. i wasnt going to buy mercury, but i saw he had that crap and a ton of chemicals for sale. shit man, i could have ended up in the LA times article too!

this is his vendor account. thankfully it looks like the admins found him and banned him: