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Hello dear Community,

i read a "article" on this website and they were talking about poisoning people and stuff; you know, the classic stuff you know?
And my questions are:

  • Where does the Poison in the Abrus precatorius lay in the seed?

  • Do i have to extract it or is the only thing i have to do is to hide it in a chocolate candy?

  • What are the symptoms of the poisoning process and death?

Thank you for the answers,

your Chipschanged!

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2 Answers

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grind the seeds and use naptha as a solvent(methanol or ethanol might work too)
extraxting the poison thw poison is not necessary if you arent worrying about poisoning being set the cause of death
the symptoms it causes are identical to those of ricin

to put simply treat the poison in abrus as if it was ricin

answered by Apprentice (3,450 points)  
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extraction of abrin:
extraction of abrin from rosary pea (seeds/fruits of Abrus precatorius)
adapted was simple dilute acid method . Briefly, 100 g of
cleaned rosary pea were weighed and grinded carefully to
avoid excessive heat. The obtained meal was treated
with 500 mL of n-hexane to remove the oil contents. The oil
free meal was then shade dried for 72 h. meal
then centrifuged with 200 mL of distilled water (pH 7-8) at
3000 rpm for 0.5 h. The filtrate obtained and again to this
castor meal 100 mL of distilled water (pH 7-8) was added and
kept overnight. Both filtrates were combined. Precipitation of protein was carried out with 20 % Na 2 SO 4 and
precipitates obtained through suction filtration. The precipi-
tates then transfer to the dialysis tubing and dialysis was
carried out for 24 h against distilled water to remove excessive
salt (Distilled water changed twice). Both layers that present
in the dialysis bag were collected i. e; water soluble and
insoluble protein. put them in a small bottle. this is your abrin. if you want abrin in powder form, keep the bottle open for few days, water will evaporate and you will left with abrin powder.
**next steps are optional** Both fractions were then transferred to the
crucibles and oven dried below 40 °C which further desiccated
over P 2 O 5 . The abrin was obtained as white powder that slurred
over CCl 4 and filtered.

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