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I need you to help me report poisons, which are accessible to buy, whether you buy them in pharmacies or drugstores .... in the form of toxic chemicals.

If anyone is aware of that ... please...let me know

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There's a lot of effective poisons out there,however there is a really effective poison that won't require you to go buy a bunch of chemicals or have a lab.The oleander plant is one of the most toxic plants in the world,yet it is legal to grow and can even be found in yards.The poison from these plants can kill you by either ingestion or breathing in smoke fumes from a burning oleander plant.It isn't as effective as "official" poisons,but it should kill the person.Just grab some leaves and cut them into very small pieces.Then mix it into something like the person's salad and wait.Make sure that you wash your hands after handling it.

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In my opinion ricin is my favorite poison it took a time to kill someone so you will not there when them gone btw overdote is very effective to took a life

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