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I have a person that needs to clean up wording of a potentially inflammatory email that he received. He happens to be an owner of a small company and I will have free reign & admin access to the email server. I believe that by converting the Microsoft Exchange / Outlook EDB file to .PST and then using his MacMail client locally I will be able to edit the specific email, save the changes, and then convert / restore the .PST file to overwrite the EDB file and none will be the wiser as the senders email server no longer exists and it is only the received email that needs to be cleaned up and not deleted outright due to legal restrictions.

If it is possible to edit the email text directly while still in EDB file that seems to be an even more ideal solution. I've not been involved with programming or tech for nearly 20 years and have a lot of dust to shake off, but I do remember the basics and have started reading up on Exchange server management and it still is fairly straightforward after all these years. It boggles my mind knowing that the vast majority of so called security is really about authentication of the the servers being whom or what the claim to be and not much has been done regarding the content of the email. Which thankfully in this case is to my advantage, if it works I'll get a lovely dinner and a buddy that is far more likely to have smaller headaches with his investors as he tries to grow his business.

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