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Do not Cut,HUG

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Hello BlackKiller,

Quick search in duckduckgo:

https://duckduckgo.com/html?q=tree poison


answered by Vanguard (32,755 points)  
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we the people of earth facing climate changing n green house effect .
n we are facing this problem cos lots of people cutting n killing the trees .....

why do you want to do this .........just plant lots of trees.....n don't kill any

or if you really want to kill something ....just kill some corrupt politicions ....

it will be good for the nation

don't kill or cut trees .....n plant lots of trees ....

answered by N00b 3.0 (500 points)  
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an axe

answered by Champ (46,535 points)  

"kill" not "cut" faggot

um, cutting it down will kill the tree you fucking tool......

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aside from all the commercial poisons available.... stripping off the bark will kill a tree-

answered by Senpai (172,245 points)  
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Just use salt around the tree and rain will do the rest.

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use Tordon

answered by Vanguard (32,900 points)