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Is there a marketplace to buy and sell confirmed e-mails (not just bot mails)?

asked in Markets by N00b 2.0 (320 points)  

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If it was a huge mail list, you can sell them in any Market around here in the 'Digital Goods' Section ~ or in any hackers forums [they would use it]

answered by Master First-Class (17,250 points)  
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You can buy confirmed emails anywhere and its easily available, also easily available to crack them your own.
Just search through data breaches and go digging through them, I'd imagine though that there's a dealer out there that sells bulk emails. I prefer gmail since they don't usually lock you out as Microsoft does.

Like the other dude said, forums, try Nulled.to or any other known forums on the clear net.

answered by Novice (1,030 points)