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It is one of the few methods I have access to and it's lethal for humans from what I've read. How painful would it be? How long would the pain last?

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I feel ya

Go kill yourself. Death is the only way to solve the problems.

Man, life is a test, we all go through pain, what counts is how you go through it. Firstly, yes, it is extremely painful, the poison will burn through your intestines, causing unimaginable, prolonged pain. But it doesn’t matter, life gets better, no matter your situation. You have people who care, though I don’t know why you would resort to ending your own life, it is not the only option. Please, don’t take the risk.

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Bro if you wanna go i respect your decision but do you really wanna go with absolute abdominal point, count that it might or might not kill you sound like a horrible amount of pain for a hustle, i guess there are more painless ways that will for sure do the job.

You can jump from a very tall building, thus there is no coming back ( or vary few chances ) and is somewhat painless.

You can drink quite a few pain killers or sleeping medication. If it doesn't kill at least you didn't lay in agony waiting.

Any how there are way more options to do if you have honestly decided that there is no point on going on living.

You could just leave it all behind and go live as a hermit in the middle of the forest, or move to a desolated beach in the middle of nowhere.

You could just sell your services as a payed killer since you don't have a reason to live for.

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Pain killers? I hope you are not talking about paracetamol or cannabis aha, you can try to kill yourself with those, but it won't work, you cannot OD from them. If I had 0 reason to live for, I would honestly do the possible to have fun, like Sid Viscious, but because I do have an aim in life, I think that following Johnny Lydon's foot steps is the right decision.

What about nailing a stake through your heart?

Paracetamol would work. But not in a nice way. If the dose is a little too high, it will destroy the liver.

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I think that this is a bad idea, because it will be very painful, and do not kill yourself

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Yes, not just because killing yourself is stupid, but because it would be highly poisonus. Try a therapist, do not give up, trust me it will be worth it. Either way there's no such thing as a painless death, unless your head expolodes under 0.25 seconds (which is our maximum reaction speed) so trust me it's not worth it, some people think shooting yourself is painless, but the bullet is too small to make your head explode, unless it's a shut gun, or a rocket launcher, good luck finding them. Unless you have a suveere ilness where you cannot do anything about it, I am not going to give you other cheap suggestions on how to painlessly kill yourself.

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Please don't kill yourself.

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It is one of the most painful ways to suicide. Nobody prefers this method. Even electricity shock would be much more painless than it. Poison is a too old method. You will live the worst moments of your life and regret it while dying. It must be quick. 3.. 2..... 1..... zoop. You have to die that quickly. Even you die in a very fast way, your brain will be shocked for a moment then begin feeling the biggest pain. So you need a better solution.

Suggestion: kill your self after seeing a psychiatrist. You wouldn't want to come to the end if there is even a little chance that you're missing something. You gotta search for and know other ways to kill your pain, even if you wont prefer any of em. You would want to die without any regrets. Trust me.

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Well... Kill yourself isn't a good Idea however if you really want that.... Think about the consequences.
Yep, it seems to be painful, but how much painful would it be for your relatives ?

answered by N00b 101 (130 points)  
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really ...... so do you want to use rat poison for killing ....i don't think it will be good .cos most of the time i find rat poison are fake and when i try to kill rat .they don't die ..........so be careful ....
most of the they are fake ...........
i think do marry with someone . you will die soon . automaticaly .... ok ...or you will feel the eal death .after this .lol ........

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Hey man, you may think suicide is the answer but trust me it isn't. life changes like that. you meet new people, get new jobs, move to new places. There's so much you can still do in your life. who knows where you'll be in a week, or a month, or a year. Shit is constantly changing so really put some thought into this what you're trying to do. You could meet the girl of your dreams very soon and you don't even know it. I used to think suicide was the answer but I found people who put me back on the right path and honestly I haven't been better so try to slow down and think about it. But if you're set on it then man rat poison is not the way to go. Search quick and painless methods to do it but consider what you could be missing out on if you go through with this. But best of luck to you man it's your life I hope it goes well.

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Rat poision is one of the worst deaths someone can have. I respect someones choise of wanting to die but, Id look for a difrent methiod if i was you, rat poision is though effective, is also slow.

answered by N00b 101 (40 points)  
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No, because most rat poison contains chemicals that induce vomiting. So, you will need a lot of poison or you will vomit and feel mildly sick.

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Ugh, all these answers saying "Don't do it bro" or "It'll get better". At least explain why! Don't worry, I'll actually answer your question.

First, learn a shit ton of things. You have nothing to live for right? Do crazy shit! Parkour on top of buildings! I believe it was Jeb Corliss that actually said in a interview or something. He wanted to do something cool, but also was suicidal. So he chose base jumping. He could do something fun, but at the same time, if his parachute failed, he would get what he wanted.
Also, religion can be a fun thing to play with. I'm not saying "Believe in god, he'll save you", cause honestly, fuck that. Seriously, how can a god who is thought to be "good" be as merciless to kill people, and then priests or the religious tell you when a loved one dies, "He's in god's hands now". Like that's a good thing? It's like loving a serial murderer, who kills you, and now you have to spent eternity with him.

I got a bit off track at the end there, sorry.

Keeping it simple, no Rat Poison. Bad idea. Keep reading...

I answered this question in another post. But here's the answer:

How do you go then?

I think the best methods are either drugs or combinations with drugs.

The easiest method is to go out and buy a bottle sleeping pills. When you go to a pharmacy, look for bottles that either say "sleep" or "PM". I think the ones I have are tylenol PM. They can knock you out in one pill. Plus, two chemicals that can kill you in a single pill. You can buy a 100 count bottle. Take them one by one, or multiple at once.

What you can also do is combine it with other suicide methods.

You can take the sleeping pills, then go into a bag. What you could do is take the sleeping pills, and have the bag be closed with a rubber band, but hold onto the rubber band, so it doesn't close the bag, and when you fall asleep, and move your finger, you will let the rubber band close the bag, filling the bag up with CO2, while you sleep.

Or, you can also go the hanging + sleeping pills route. You can go out and buy a nice rope, but make sure it can withstand your weight. If anyone asks, just say its for a little science project, or construction project. Tie a noose, and tie the rope somewhere sturdy. Place a object that you can stand on a bit to the side of the rope, so when you put the noose around your neck while standing on the object, you kinda lean. Take the pills, and just wait. Eventually, you will sleep (While standing), and fall off the chair or object, and just hang.

This is quite a list of things to do, and I won't really try to tell you to not do it. It's up to you.

Yep. That's it. Rat poison is a shitty way to go, seriously. Poisons in general aren't a good method. Even cyanide, a popular method, is very fast acting, something in the realm of just a few minutes, works by basically keeping your brain from getting oxygen, or also just suffocating you. Nasty.

In some countries, suicide by toxic poisons such as pesticides, are used for suicide protests. It's used cause its a really terrible way to go, and you are in a lot of pain.

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Just DO IT, killyourself and find peace!
But beore, eat a baby, torture a normal human scumbag, one of this life-Nazis!
Do something unmoral, they DESSERVE it!
We just want to die, we junt want peace, our pain ending, but THEY want us to life, want to force us to feel more pain und our old bodies are rotting alive and the shitty flesh can die.

I was once a nice happy girl, but the humans have made me hate so much.
I was a good person, now I can be good in the next life
I shit on all people.
I just want to die, but humans are such CRUE monstern they not even can grant you the dead
I just HATE you all and if I can't die I'll make you all suffer one a day, i swear it.

To the person who asks. There is a drug which were once used as sleeping pill but is forbudden now because just a little overdosis kills the patient. You can try to buy this or you need a needle which is on a syringe (english is not my language, but i hope you understand. It's a needle but ut has a hole like a verry small pipe. You must lear about anatomy. Pierce it in the arteria radialis. (Wrist near the thumb, please learn about anatomy. Ask about how to feel the pulse) you do it right if your blood shots out of it.

If you put it slowly in your wrist it will cause lesser pain (believe it or not)

So why i am even here and not dead.....
I am a ghost boooooooo

No, it's more I have some things to do. Some things i want to be done and some important i must write down for the living, then I will die. And yes the life is painfull as shit. If there would be a very fast and painless way to die i would forgett this all and just leave this fucking live. (I know it's forever. Forever stop the pain.)

And again to all haters: i'm an adult woman who never had lerand to talk english perfect. You can understand me is enough. And to all life-Nazis. I hope there will be the day YOU suffer such pain YoU want to die, and then will be forced to suffer more!

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Please don't kill yourself.

killing yourself is not a solution.

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we probably late, he not active for 2 months

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rat poison is a bad idea. painful and inefficient

if i wanted to let everything go, i'd wander the world barefooted and without money.

but anyways - there are better ways of offing yourself i can think of:
jumping in front of a train/vehicle, jumping from buildings,

pretty deaths - there are none. Dead bodies are all the same, just part of the statistic.
and dont think about painless deaths. If you're afraid to feel pain when you want to commit suicide, then you should go kys

what i suggest is you discover new music, start with Boards of Canada, it really talks to your soul, then progress to something happier like punk rock, and grab a surfboard/skateboard!

the thought that man is free as a bird to do anything is enough to keep him alive.

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Prussic acid, rhubarb leaves, or castor beans are all almost instant. Prussic acid would probably be the easiest way to go. By the time you realized your poisoned you’ll become unconscious.

answered by N00b 2.0 (300 points)